Kartini Day Celebration Marks New Era for Women’s Investment &Entrepreneurship Community Indonesia.

BalistikNews.com ~ Founded in 2021, Women’s Investment
Community – Bali (WIC – Bali) was
formed during the height of the COVID- 19 pandemic to establish itself as the
premier women’s investment
community platform in Bali. The mission is to unite and connect
WIC-Bali members, Indonesian and
international women investors, and
business owners through friendship, business connections & women-preneurship to
promote sustainable and inclusive investment within Bali. “To mark the third-year anniversary of our community initiative we have decided to
celebrate Kartini Day, the birthday of the Indonesian women empowerment heroine
Ibu Raden Ajeng Kartini, who advocated for women’s rights and female education,” said Tina Ardie, Chairwoman of WIC – Bali.
“A highlight of our Kartini Day gathering will be a presentation by Ibu Putu Aras
Samsithawrati, a lecturer from the Udayana University Faculty of Law, who will
discuss the life of Ibu Kartini. We will also announce that our informal community
initiative will change its name to ‘Women’s Investment & Entrepreneur Community
Indonesia’. This is to mark a shift to a more inclusive community for women
investors and entrepreneurs throughout Indonesia,” said Ms Ardie.

“We would like to thank our partners and sponsors, Amo Spa, Bali Balance, Bali
Foreign Investment Advisory Service, Bali Kidz Hire, East Indies Gin, Be Chocolat
Bali, Holy Bloom, IDEP Foundation Bali, Island Goddess, Niin, Myrah Penaloza
Collection, Pro Motion Event’s, Sabay Bay Winery, Sun Daymood, Stellar, The
Apura Kempinksi Bali for supporting us and contributing to the single mothers &
children initiative with the IDEP Foundation Bali”.

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About Women’s Investment & Entrepreneur Community Indonesia
‘Women’s Investment & Entrepreneur Community Indonesia’ was founded in 2021
as ‘Women’s Investment Community Bali’ in Bali during the height of the global
COVID pandemic. WIEC Indonesia is an informal community initiative with
objectives to unite and connect our members – Indonesian and international women
investors, and entrepreneurs in Indonesia through friendship, business connections
& women-preneurship to promote sustainable and inclusive investment and
business in Indonesia all underwritten by a knowledgeable female support group
from both private and public sectors.

Website : womensinvestmentcommunity.org
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/wiec_indonesia

Red :/bnc01

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